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Custom Doepke Heiliner Bottom Dump Started

Posted by: admin

April 1st, 2010 >> Custom, Doepke, Euclid, Prototype, Replica


Just started a bottom Dump that Doepke never made but will look like one that Heiliner offered.

When looking through some auctions I found a picture of one and always wanted to reproduce it.  Here is the blurry picture

Doepke Custom Euclid Scraper

Posted by: moresnow

December 24th, 2008 >> Doepke, Euclid

In 2005 I found a rear scraper component and a very badly damaged front end from a Euclid Bottom Dump.  The rust on these was enough to say give up.  In the end after some time consuming sanding and polishing and paint a master was born.

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Great Custom Scraper

Posted by: moresnow

July 5th, 2008 >> Custom, Doepke, Euclid, Prototype

Custom Heiliner Scraper & Euclid Bottom Dump

Posted by: moresnow

February 24th, 2008 >> Custom, Doepke, Euclid, Woolbridge

Dr. John Thiel created this wonderful version. The front of a Heiliner Scraper, Engine from a Marx Toy, and the rear section from a Euclid Bottom Dump have joined together to create a really cool version of this nice toy. If anyone has a clearer picture please send!


Notice the details like the exhaust, sun canopy, and engine

Custom Propelled Scraper Section

Posted by: moresnow

February 24th, 2008 >> Doepke, Euclid, Scraper

This is to be pulled by a Doepke Cat Bulldozer.  Very Interesting. To whoever designed this and whoever owns it now; What a Great Machine.  Details anyone?

Custom Scrapper - Powered

Custom Doepke Euclid Hauler with Quad Wheel Setup

Posted by: moresnow

December 1st, 2007 >> Doepke, Euclid, Woolbridge

Interesting Quad Wheel Euclid Bottom Dump Setup.  This custom version of what looks like a Euclid Bottom Dump tractor with the addition of a 5 wheel and the trailer from a Woolbridge with the addition of an extra set of wheels.  Interesting restoration job and great quality with  the custom exhaust on the tractor.  I found this surfing the web in 2004 and thought I would share it with everyone.