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Unit 357 Replica by CCM

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November 11th, 2007 >> Crane, Doepke, Replica, Unit 357

Construction Collector wrote a great article about the history of this fine toy and how it became what we all know. That toy, first manufactured by Doepke in 1949, was one of the coolest stamped steel construction toys ever made. Rugged enough to survive the rigors of outdoor use and having realistic details like rubber Goodyear tires. Operating this toy with its two functional hand crank hoists, accurate rigging, stamped steel open lattice boom and a working clamshell bucket.

Great Doepke Summary

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November 11th, 2007 >> Doepke, History

“Model Toys were made by the Charles William Doepke
Company, Inc. of Rossmoyne, Ohio. The name is correctly
pronounced “Dep-key.” When they first appeared on the market
in 1946 they simply stunned the toy industry. There were no
other toys on the market that came even close to the quality,
scale, size, and realism of these “Model Masterpieces” of the


Welcome to the Doepke Blog

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November 11th, 2007 >> Doepke

This is a new blog that I have put together to celebrate the history of Doepke Toys.  The focus of this blog will be primarily the tin toys but many times we will look at all the great products which came out of their factories many years ago.