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Custom Doepke Euclid Hauler with Quad Wheel Setup

Posted by: moresnow

December 1st, 2007 >> Doepke, Euclid, Woolbridge

Interesting Quad Wheel Euclid Bottom Dump Setup.  This custom version of what looks like a Euclid Bottom Dump tractor with the addition of a 5 wheel and the trailer from a Woolbridge with the addition of an extra set of wheels.  Interesting restoration job and great quality with  the custom exhaust on the tractor.  I found this surfing the web in 2004 and thought I would share it with everyone.


Interesting Doepke Modified Dump Vehicle

Posted by: moresnow

December 1st, 2007 >> Custom, Doepke

When searching the internet in 2004 I found a very unique but rare Doepke modified toy that was at an Auction. If anyone owns this please let me know.


Prototype Unit Crane vs. Production Crane

Posted by: moresnow

December 1st, 2007 >> Crane, Doepke, History, Prototype, Replica, Unit 357

Found this years ago and while looking through my image archive I found this photo. I believe this was referenced from CCM toys. Very interesting to see the difference between a Doepke Prototype and the actual production model in the 50’sdoepke-compare.jpg

Prototype: Unit 1014 Crane with Truck Carrier

Posted by: moresnow

December 1st, 2007 >> Custom, Doepke, Prototype

What a cool looking Unit Crane.  This is a very rare production model from Doepke.  Nothing ever came of it but thanks to CCM you can find out more.   I found this on a website a few years back and posting it again so everyone can see.